If you have decided to learn to fly, gain another license or just take off on that first flight, Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Here at Apopka Aviation we are not just committed to your aviation goals, we want you to enjoy your flight experience.

Aviation as it is can be challenging, why go through all the trouble if you can´t have fun. We offer many different flight courses from Hang Gliding  and Sport Pilot to Commercial licenses with a safe, at-your-pace schedule. We´re professional but not a pilot factory, we care and will not compromise the greater quintessence of aviation.

Why you should choose Apopka Aviation:

Florida is known for its great weather (tons of sunshine and lack of snow) which makes it one of the best areas in the world for flight training. Thousands of potential pilots come from all over to train in central Florida´s great weather environment. The flight schools in the higher density areas are required to fly outside of the controlled areas before conducting flight training and are faced with lengthy clearance instructions. This additional flight time costs more money in fuel and flight training making it an inefficient training environment.

Fortunately, Apopka Aviation is located just outside of the congested Orlando airspace. We are located in Apopka, Florida just 10 miles northwest of Orlando.

Since we are strategically positioned in a safe, low density air traffic area, flight training can begin as soon as we are in the air, making lessons more effective and enjoyable. This leaves you the perfect learning atmosphere and saves you countless time and money.

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