Apopka Flight Services


Students traveling to train at Apopka Aviation are required to arrange there own accommodations. However here are a few links that can aid in searching for living quarters and such.

Living arrangements will need to be made in advance. You can follow the Apartment Hunters link for related information. Once in contact they will assist you in finding a place to stay to fit your needs. Some times they can do monthly or even weekly rentals.


Make sure you can travel from where you are staying to the  Apopka (X04) airport. Once you arrive in Orlando (KMCO) the airport should  have all the major rental car companies. There are shuttles at the airport that will transport you to where your car can be picked up.

Since we are only a short drive away from Altamonte Springs, Orlando, or Mount Dora there are plenty of options to choose from when dining from drive through restaurants to high quality fine dining.

International Procedures

International students will need to go through  the alien flight student program set up by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). We have our account set up and are accepting international flight students. Students will need to set up there own TSA accounts. The link below has the directions and procedures to set up international student accounts as well as procedures for back ground checks and finger printing.

Unfortunately we are not a Part 141 school therefore we cannot issue the M-1 Visa. International students looking to train with us need to arrive in the United States by other legal means.

TSA Alien Flight Student Program

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