Apopka Flight Services

BE-76 Duchess

Excellent condition, twin engine, and IFR Certified (Garmin 430).
Rate $110.00/Hr Dry  Aprox. $170.00/Hr With Fuel

This aircraft is owned and privately managed by the owner Steve Morris.

C-172M Cessna

Excellent condition and IFR certified with Garmin 496 GPS and weather.
Rate $125.00 With Fuel

PA-28-151 Piper Warrior

Excellent condition and IFR certified with Garmin 496 GPS and weather.
Rate $125.00 With Fuel

Warrior Instrument panel

PI-135 Elite Flight Simulator

For IFR, currency, complex, single, or multi-engine training
Rate $45.00/Hr

Elite PI-135

*The aircraft used are certified and inspected according to regulation and have the required certificates and documents to ensure safety.


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