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Hang Gliding

If you want a more extreme experience and possibly the purest form of flight you may want to try hang gliding. Apopka Aviation has joined with Quest Hang Gliding to add another path to experiencing flight. Quest's facility is located in Groveland, FL, there you can learn to hang glide from basic to advance. 


On your tandem hang gliding flight you be paired with a highly qualified USHGPA certified tandem instructor, and will be attached together as well as hooked in the glider. Tandem hang gliders are specifically designed for the job and are certified by the Hang Glider Manufacturers Association. There's no running involved either, since your tandem glider with have heavy duty landing gear the takeoff and landing will be done on wheels.

Hang Gliding Introductory Lessons start just at $125.oo

Earn Your Wings!

20 tandem flights are generally the minimum needed, with 30 being the average number. Other students may require more. Therefore, the lesson are available in packages, so you can tailor the number to your needs. You'll earn your US Hang Gliding Association's Novice Hang 2 and aerotow rating after several solo flights when you instructor is confident that you have the skills and judgment to fly without direct supervision. 

Tandem Lessons

20 Flight Package $1600

10 Flight Package $900

3 Flight Package $300

Ground School $40.00/hr

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