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Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating is useful for flying in weather conditions that would normally ground non-rated pilots. The rating is issued toward a license (private pilot) which will not only allow pilots to fly in low ceilings and visibility but is likely required for future pilot career development.


  • Hold at least a Private Pilot License
  • Able to read, speak, and write English
  • Pass Knowledge Test
  • Pass Practical Flight Test
  • Medical is required


  • Holds all the same privileges as the license it is added too along with the ability to conduct flight operations within instrument meteorological conditions (IMC).

Aeronautical Experience, Knowledge, and Materials

    For Airplane, Single-Engine, and Land:
  • $4,375.00...35 hrs Flight Time ($125.00/hr with fuel, includes 5hrs x-c from private)
  • $450.00...10 hrs Simulator Time ($45.00/hr)
  • $1,400.00...40 hrs Flight Training ($35.00/hr Instructor)
  • $525.00...15 hrs Ground Training ($35.00/hr Instructor)
  • $250.00...Books/Publications
  • $80.00...Written Test Fee
  • $400.00...Flight Exam/Practical Test
  • Total $7,480.00
*These costs are approximations and minimums required by the FAA to obtain the certificate. Everyone requires different amounts of time to complete the license but it is very common for students to exceed 25% the time and funds listed above.


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