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MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor)

The MEI instructors can give training toward the multi-engine rating which is valuable time in preparation for a flying career.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Able to read, speak, and write English
  • Pass Practical Flight Test (FOI and written tests are not required if the multi-engine rating is being added to an existing flight instructor certificate)
  • At least a third class Medical is required
  • Hold at least a Commercial Pilot certificate

Privileges and Limitations

  • Able to give training to student, private, and commercial pilots for primary licenses and flight reviews just as the CFI certificate allows with the addition of the multi-engine training privileges.
  • Responsible for giving appropriate endorsements and keeping records.
  • Cannot give training toward an instrument rating unless the CFII certificate was obtained.
  • Must renew the MEI certificate every 2 years.

Aeronautical Experience, Knowledge, and Materials

For Airplane, Single-Engine, and Land:

*The cost of the MEI varies greatly between pilots and therefore will not be shown. It is common though for pilots to spend an extensive amount of ground and flight training to meet the standards of the MEI certificate. Meet with one of our qualified instructors to discuss training standards and costs.

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