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Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi-Engine rating can be added to either a Private Pilot license or a Commercial Pilot license. Although these licenses can be initially done with a multi-engine aircraft, they are usually done in a single engine first and then added on.


  • Be at least as old as the pilot certificate requires
  • Hold at least a Private Pilots License or higher
  • Pass Practical Flight Test
  • Medical required based on held license


  • Able to fly single and multi-engine aircraft.
  • All privileges and limitations apply based on license held.

Aeronautical Experience, Knowledge, and Materials

    For Airplane, Multi-Engine, and Land:
  • $2,850.00...15 hrs Flight Time (BE-76 Duchess, $190.00/hr)
  • $675.00...15 hrs Flight Training (Instructor, $45.00/hr)
  • $450.00...10 hrs Ground Training (Instructor,$45.00/hr)
  • $200.00…Books/Publications
  • $400.00...Flight Exam/Practical Test
  • Total $4,575.00

*These costs are approximations and minimums required by the FAA to obtain the certificate. Everyone requires different amounts of time to complete the license but it is very common for students to exceed 25% the time and funds listed above.

*Due to the cost of insurance this aircraft is dual instruction only with out the proper renters insurance. Pilots wishing to rent this aircraft with out the instructor need to contact us at 407-947-1700 for further information.

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