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Private Pilot License

Unlike the Sport Pilot license, the Private Pilot license has less restrictions and a wider range of privileges which makes this option more suitable for personal or business travel.


  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Able to read, speak, and write English
  • Pass Knowledge Test
  • Pass Practical Flight Test
  • Medical/Student Pilot Certificate is required


  • Able to fly aircraft within category and class.
  • Able to fly at night, outside the United States and in Controlled Areas.
  • There is no restriction to number of passengers although the weight and type of aircraft may require special training.
  • Pilots may travel for personal or business but not for compensation or hire.
  • Other restrictions apply.

Aeronautical Experience, Knowledge, and Materials

  • For Airplane, Single-Engine, and Land:
  • $5,250.00   42 hrs Flight Time ($125.00/hr with Fuel)
  • $1,050.00   30 hrs Flight Training ($35.00/hr Instructor)
  • $525.00       15 hrs Ground Training ($35.00/hr Instructor)
  • $250.00       Books/Publications
  • $150.00       Headset
  • $80.00         Written Test Fee
  • $400.00      Flight Exam/Practical Test
  • Total $7,705.00

*These costs are approximations and minimums required by the FAA to obtain the certificate. Everyone requires different amounts of time to complete the license but it is very common for students to exceed 25% the time and funds listed above.

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