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Spin Training

The Spin Training course allows pilots to experience spins in a safe training atmosphere. Pilots will learn the entry and recovery procedures along with the aerodynamics and phases of spins. This is also great for the spin endorsement required for the initial CFI certificate.


  • There are no endorsements or ratings required to do spins although it is safe practice to be trained in spins and spin only aircraft that allow spins.

Aeronautical Experience, Knowledge, and Materials

  • 2 hrs Flight Time (At this time we do not have a aircraft available for spin training )
  • $70.00 ...2 hrs Flight Training ($35.00/hr Instructor in supplied aircraft)
  • $70.00 ...2 hrs Ground Training ($35.00/hr Instructor)
  • Total $140.00 Without Supplied Aircraft

These costs are approximations. Everyone requires different amounts of time to complete the training but it is very common for students to exceed 25% the time and funds listed above.

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