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Tail Wheel Transition

The Tail Wheel Transition course is great for converting pilots in tricycle landing gear aircraft to conventional or tail wheel aircraft. The course can be taught at any level for single engine, land aircraft.


  • After completing the course pilots will receive a Tail Wheel training log book endorsement certifying them to fly tail wheel aircraft.
  • This endorsement will follow them throughout all licenses and ratings.

Aeronautical Experience, Knowledge, and Materials

    For Airplane, Single-Engine, and Land:
  • 8 hrs Flight Time (At this time we do not have a tail wheel available)
  • $280.00…8 hrs Flight Training ($35.00/hr Instructor with supplied aircraft)
  • $70.00…2 hrs Ground Training ($35.00/hr Instructor)
  • Total $350.00 Without Supplied Aircraft

*These costs are approximations only. Everyone requires different amounts of time to complete the training but it is very common for students to finish early or exceed the time or funds by 25%.

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